Hanno®-DUO Easy and Hanno®-DUO Easy+

Versatile. Up To Date. Effective.

The new Hanno®-DUO Easy tape range offers a fully surfaced adhesive layer, which does not require an additional film adhesive for suitable substrate. Hanno®-DUO Easy tapes are elastic and stretchable. They optimally adjust to corners and edges and absorb construction material movements. Hanno®-DUO Easy was designed especially for curtain-type window elements often used for energy efficient constructions.

While Hanno®-DUO Easy tapes have one fully surfaced adhesive layer, Hanno®-DUO Easy+ provides an adhesive strip on the other side, too. This enables Hanno®-Duo Easy+ to replace standard foil tapes for many structural situations and saves time during the application process, since there is no need for an additional film adhesive.

  • resistant to driving rain up to 1050 Pa
  • airtightness tested an ≤ 0,1
  • for internal and external applications
  • moisture adapting: optimal moisture management in the joint
  • elastic: absorbs construction material movements
  • fully surfaced adhesive layer: no need to use a film adhesive
  • excellent driving rain and air tightness
  • can be used on top of stucco
  • moisture adapting sd value 0,48 ≤ sd ≤ 12,0 m
  • tempertaure resistant from -40°C to 80°C
  • application temperature 5°C to 30°C
  • usable up to -10°C: it has to be made sure that there is no adhesion-preventing film (e.g. due to humidity, ice or frost) on the application surface