Hanno®-Flashing Tapes for all window connections

HANNO supplies flashing tapes for windows for all RAL-conforming applications.

The bottleneck in window installation is still the interface between the masonry and the window, i.e., the window joint. If the seal is poor, valuable energy will be lost.

Besides, damage due to moisture or even mould growth is possible. This can cause expensive and costly repairs. Moist room air is transported from the warm to the cold side. Whereas, in the cold season, the rooms in a building are mostly warmer than the outside air, in summer, the temperature in many rooms is lower than the outdoor temperature. This is normally the case, for example, when a building is air-conditioned.

For gluing in masonry, we recommend Hanno®-3E-Foil Adhesive MS or Hanno®-Sealant Adhesive F adhesive